Comfort Line

M+K Deluxe

These high-quality products from the M+K slatted frame factory are impressively flexible for a high level of comfort when lying down. For the frame parts and slats only high quality beech is used. The slats are made from seven-layer, glue-laminated beech, which ensures high stability and long lifetime. When the frame is adjusted, the central zone with 6 double-slats always remains in the normal position.

  • Long head section extending over ten slats with integrated head rest
  • Dual shoulder sinking mechanism
  • Adjustable central zone strengthening
  • Slats made from seven-layer, glue-laminated beech
  • Solid wood frame made of beech
  • Excellent workmanship, long lifetime


M+K Fibreglass

This innovative fibreglass slatted frame from the M+K company is equipped with 28 sprung slats with three elasticity levels. The various slats (light grey, grey, black) are arranged so that they support a person’s ergonomics in the best way possible. Even with fluctuating temperatures and high humidity in the bedroom, the fibreglass sprung slats retain their elasticity for decades.

  • Sprung slats of highly flexible, long-lasting fibreglass
  • Slats in three degrees of hardness for optimum support of the body contour
  • High comfort, regardless of the width of the bed
  • Also suitable for heavier people
  • 25-year guarantee on the long-term elasticity of all slats